Creative magazines that are a pleasure to read

Launched in the spring of 2014, Grilled Cheese magazines are entirely created and manufactured in Montreal. They are produced and edited by L’abricot and are published three times a year: in February, June and October. Each issue of these magazines is an opportunity to work with talented collaborators whose creations stimulate children’s imagination and contribute to their artistic awakening.

Reading Grilled Cheese with your child will:

> stimulate their taste for reading through different types of content
> inspire them to learn a second language
> introducethem to original, predominantly Canadian content as well as new talents
> support an independent magazine that is free of advertisements and is handcrafted through risograph printing, reducing its ecological footprint

“I love the magazine. I specially like the games, which are really cool!”

– Antoine, 6 years-old

Magazines for children aged 2 to 4 and 5 to 10

Our magazines accompany your children as they grow and learn, thanks to scalable content that is adapted to the targeted age groups. Do you have children of different ages? Great! The magazines are published simultaneously and explore the same theme each time. However, thanks to their adapted content, your children can receive their magazines at the same time and learn together about the same topic, each at their own pace.

“As their son has grown up, the magazine has gradually grown up a little too — so [les éditeurs] will launch a new version in October [2017].[2017] While previous issues have targeted kids aged five to ten, a new edition will have similar content aimed at children aged two to four. Under names that reflect that (Grilled Cheese 5-10 and Grilled Cheese 2-4), the companion magazines will feature the same colours and theme, with individual covers designed by the same illustrator. “We have this idea of brothers or sisters being subscribers to both magazines, and then they can read them together,” [la rédactrice en chef] says.” “

To find out more

> Our collaborators change from one issue to another, allowing us to explore different styles and provide your children with a variety of content that will foster their artistic awakening. Discover the artists who have participated in our magazine.
> Grilled Cheese is produced through risograph printing in our Montreal workshop. Discover this technique.
> Flip through the magazine for a better overview by visiting one of our points of sale.


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