[5-10 y.o.] Crossings

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Issue 27: Crossings

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Travelling across a river, across time, across the atmosphere, across borders… There are all kinds of ways to make a crossing, and so many things to find on the other side. Discover some of these things in this new issue of Grilled Cheese as you visit a Montreal reception class, build a paper bridge, learn how to create a time capsule, and so much more!

Issue 27 : Crossings

Aude Fourest
Aurore Juin
Eliane Berdat
Julien Boisseau
Mary Kirkpatrick
Natali de Mello
Samuel Boucher

Anne-Sophie Tilly
Catherine Ouellet-Cummings
Henri Boisseau-Ouellet

Launch : June 2023

[5-10 y.o.] Crossings

[5-10 y.o.] Crossings