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Grilled Cheesemagazines are aimed at children aged 2 to 4 and 5 to 10. They are fully bilingual and published three times a year.
In every issue, children learn all kinds of things, thanks to our exclusive content created to pique their interest. They can discover new worlds and expand the limits of their imagination.

Subscribing a library to Grilled Cheese magazines will:

> offer original, predominantly Canadian content
> stimulate children’s taste for reading through different types of content
> promote the learning of a second language
> introduce young readers to new talents
> support independent magazines that are free of advertisements and handcrafted, reducing their ecological footprint
> provide librarians with an exclusive newsletter, sent with each issue and providing additional information and suggestions for activities related to our magazines

Most anglophone children across Canada learn French at school with little immediate opportunity to use it, while francophone children frequently have the same experience with English. What’s a kid to do?

Enter Grilled Cheese magazine, a bilingual magazine that uses a host of French and English-speaking artists and writers to bring articles, games and activities to children nationwide in both official languages”

Magazines for children aged 2 to 4

Pictures, stories, easy cut-outs, educational content and games that will set the scene for memorable parent-child moments.

Magazines for children aged 5 to 10

Compelling stories, wildlife tidbits, interviews with specialists, cut-outs and games that children can read independently or with their parents.

Grab your scissors!

In every issue, children can enjoy a cut-out that is tailored to their age group. Because we are aware that the children who attend your library can’t cut the pages of the library’s magazines, we now offer a downloadable version of the cut-outs on our website. They are accessible through a code that is included in the magazine.
Visit our Arts & Crafts section to discover more projects that you can download and print as many times as you like!

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