Grilled Cheese is produced through risograph printing in our Montreal workshop.

Risography is an artisanal process that we chose because we love the look it gives our illustrations. If you hold the magazine in your hands, you will notice that the images are densely textured and that slight shifts sometimes happen in printing; these little things are what makes each copy a truly unique edition, which we love. Each magazine is then assembled, bound and cut by hand.


Risography is a colour-layer printing process. For each colour printed, the risograph cuts a stencil that lets liquid ink pass through. Created for the purpose of duplication in large quantities before photocopiers were invented, risographs aroused the interest of artists some years ago, notably because of the particular texture they create and the artistic flexibility they lend through use of colour transparency. What is more, risography uses vegetable inks and is a cold printing process that consumes very little energy.
In addition to printing Grilled Cheese, we regularly collaborate on various projects and print posters, books, zines, brochures and all kinds of materials for artists and organizations. If you have a project in mind or want to discuss the possibilities offered by risography, feel free to contact us.