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Grilled Cheese magazines are aimed at children aged 2 to 4 and 5 to 10. They are fully bilingual and published three times a year.
In every issue, children discover exclusive content created to pique their interest, as well as games and cut-outs tailored to their age group. Grilled Cheese is meant to be enjoyed both with one’s eyes and hands: scissors, pencils and glue stick are also part of the fun!

Magazines for children aged 2 to 4

Pictures, stories, easy cut-outs, educational content and games that will set the scene for you to enjoy a fun time with your child.

Magazines for children aged 5 to 10

Compelling stories, wildlife tidbits, interviews with specialists, cut-outs and games that your child can explore independently or alongside you, according to their desire!

Grab your scissors!

In every issue, children can enjoy a cut-out that is tailored to their age group. Visit our Arts & Crafts section to discover more projects to complete at home!

“Grilled Cheese is an absolutely AWESOME bilingual magazine! Stories and activities—these beautiful magazines have everything, and are crafted through risograph printing right here in Montreal. A great opportunity to introduce your children to another literary genre!”

– Brigitte Lauzon-Fibich, blogger for Les petits bouquinovores and mother of two young readers (unofficial translation).


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